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Gear Train Productions
John Doe

Gear Train Productions is a printing, publishing and film production company that specialises in developing and producing high quality, full octane, action driven fare for the united states and international markets.

With themes of post-apocalyptic events, alien invasions, time travel, cyborgs and kick-ass cage fighting chicks our films and comics are predominantly geared towards males between the ages of 13 to 65 and are created with this specifically in mind.

Gear Train Productions believes in creating high quality content that audiences will love to see and read with an emphasis on the target audience enjoying the experience.

With an ever growing list of projects coming online and with exciting new distribution partners joining us it’ll be easier than ever to enjoy our products.

Gear Train Productions always look forward to hearing from our audience so be sure to drop us a line.

Registered Company Info:
Gear Train Productions Pty Ltd
ABN: 90606552470
PO BOX 2438, Ellenbrook
WA 6069 Australia

Please read our Submissions Policy here before attempting to Contact Us in any way.

Brand Films

Get your product in front of your potential clients

Are you a BRAND or BUSINESS looking for New and Innovative ways to get your product in front of your potential clients in a passive and engaging way? Are you in the marketing department of your company looking to impress your boss with prowess? Then you’ve come to the right place...

Marketing is entering a very interesting time in history. Never before has it been so easy for people to see and obtain films without paying for them. The film industry is in a constant state of flux attempting to subvert those who would take their hard work and give it away without so much as a cent. And yet, this exact same set of circumstance presents a very unique and fortuitous opportunity for those in the marketing/ advertising space.

The same conditions which have film companies losing money, can potentially assist others in making it – the ease of everyone around the world having access to your brand, product and/ or services, provided they are presented in an entertaining way.

The Short Film Format has never been more popular. With people around the world still wanting a dose of entertainment, but being generally ‘time-poor’, they want it punchy and to the point…this has created a whole market of consumers eager to watch.

Gear Train Productions
John Doe

GEAR TRAIN PRODUCTIONS already has high profile, recognisable and talented people linked to numerous BRAND FILMS in various stages of development…that we wrote, built and created specifically for Globally Recognised clients including Digital Tech Companies, Car Manufacturers, Quick Service Restaurant s, Coffee Chains and a Regional Beverage Company. Because we’re a film production and comic book publisher, (and NOT an advertising company) we’re not limited by traditional thought processes and boundaries and instead can create a professional and unique cinematic product that will WOW your consumers and SHOWCASE your brand in an entertaining and engaging way.


Step into a limitless world

Gear Train Productions creates, develops and produces action driven, cinematic quality, short and feature films and comic books for the US and International Markets.

Are you ready to take the first innovative leap into the exciting world of film and print media? Gear Train Productions is a motion picture and publishing company with a new and unique position in the market.

Our products are high octane, action driven fare geared towards our specific identified market of males aged between 13 – 65 years. We know what we’re good at and don’t try to be everything to everyone.

We know people love what we do and we concentrate on making exciting, action packed stories that’ll have you wanting more.

Even better than that, is the opportunity to own a part of something great. We have many investors and although they like making money, they mostly enjoy being involved in the process.

After all we’re all just big kids at heart and watching it grow from concept to a full blown product is where the real joy comes from.

With products ranging from 32 page Comics to Large Scale Feature Films we have something to suit any investor. Packages start from just $5000 with potentially fantastic returns.

Gear Train Productions
John Doe

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